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Ibiza again

A change of plans, perhaps

Nothing screams spanner in the works more than being offered a job in Ibiza, literally hours after finally settling on a plan.

Back to the drawing board

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On to the next

Is there an old Zealand? Why did they decide to start again, but with a different accent?

I have been back from Ibiza 6 days, and every one of those days, at least once, I have thought about the prospect of going travelling again.

This is more than an idea, its a goal, an objective, a plan, and so much more. I can safely say I have never been more sure of anything in my life before.

I once read a blog entry, no idea who it was by, but it said 'once you set yourself a goal, or an objective, every decision you make from then on in should be with that goal or objective in mind'. Fucking powerful stuff. I mean that's not to say that you should picture your goal or objective before you chose what cereal to have for breakfast each morning, but you get the idea.

So, New Zealand. That's the easy part done. But now the questions, which part, how long, what will I do there, am I planning on coming back? My mind is instantly flooded with 100+ questions and 1,000,000+ possibilities. The excitement is overwhelming.

I guess the first step is to seek advice of those a little more experienced

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I should really proof read posts before I publish them

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I was so unprepared, I was prepared

sunny 28 °C

One random night, a little intoxicated but otherwise focused, a message was sent to Joe.. 'Ibiza?'

Nothing else needed to be said, and so it was booked. Flights, hotel and sun cream, all bought and paid for, we was ready, or so we thought.

As the days got closer, the excitement was real, counting down the days, minutes and seconds until pure carnage commenced. We was going Monday morning, and coming back Friday morning, enough time there we both thought, any longed and returning might not have been an option.

Everyone we spoke to on the lead up to it, we would ask, have you been to Ibiza? If the answer was no, the conversation was lost. If the answer was yes, the instant barrage of questions began. Whats it like? Is it hot? Where did you stay? Did you almost die? Is it as expensive as everyone says? Tell me anything and everything. We would ask these questions to anyone that had any advice to offer, but the same response kept popping up.. ''Nothing I can say will prepare you for what you will experience''... Fuck me were they right.

We land, after what seemed the longest plane journey in history, grab our bags and hunt down a taxi, bound for 'Hotel Piscis'. Taking in every possible sight we can on the way, we pass the most iconic club in the world, 'Privilege'. A smile comes to my face and every stress and worry from home slowly disappears, that feeling alone, worth every cent spent on the white isle.

Checked in, bags dumped, quick spray of deodorant (that is spelt correct, no matter how odd it looks) and we are off, bound for the beach and somewhere that sells beer.

Bags packed, broke, broken, tired and in serious need of a cuddle and a cup of tea we left for the airport. What, that's it? Fucking right it is. If you wwas expecting every last little detail of my time there you are shit out of luck, I was surprised I could remember my name, let alone what we got up to whilst we was there!

Highlights - Chase and Status at Amnesia, insane! And such an apt name for a club, the boat party was one to remember!

But one thing I will always thank Ibiza for was the realisation of whats to come. As I floated in the Mediterranean sea, looking at my surroundings, slightly intoxicated, I finally saw the light, a figure of speech seen as it the sun set about 2 hours previous.

Life - Waking up, getting dressed, going to work and having to endure the stress of targets, labour costs, uniform standards, going home and knowing that another day has been spent doing the same mindless shit as the previous, and knowing the next day shall be spent in the exact same way. Nope.. Not for me.

Time to dust off the backpack

Sub-note; When selecting a temperature for posts 'Fucking Hot' should be an option








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In-between plans

A grey area

2016 in a nut shell -

January - March; Worked for a dead end restaurant chain as a waiter, got hammered every shift and tried to get over the fact I was back in Kent
March - May; Moved to Cumbria and stayed with my Dad for a bit, nice scenery, fresh air, quiet little villages and organic food. Fucking hated it (Travelling back to London for one night to see Andy C at Ally Pally wasn't all bad ;))
May - Some time unknown; Moved from Cumbria to Istead Rise, Kent; Lived with my Aunt for a bit, shit location and shit situation, but I was back, and couldn't be happier. Started working for Jamies Italian, a home at home.

So the next few months are a bit of a mystery, at some point I moved back to Swanscombe where I currently live now. Makes work a hell of a lot easier as it takes me less than half hour to walk there. Good times, constant company as well seen as my dogs are here (See attached).



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